6N:2011: Ireland Player ratings v Wales

14 03 2011

1. Healy – 6
On the positive side made some nice turnovers early on, but lack of discipline saw him concede a silly penalty on 28minutes taking Hook out off the ball.

2. Best – 6
Much improved throwing at the lineout, finding his man on every throw. Decent defensively.

3. Ross – 5

Didn’t have much to do in the scrums, and didn’t offer much else in the loose.

4. O’Callaghan – 6

Had a good day in the lineout, restarts need work, always involved in defense.

5. O’Connell – 7

Great cals in the lineout saw Ireland rob Welsh ball a couple of times, Awesome in defense.

6. O’Brien – 8
Easily the best player on the day, always makes yards, some superb breaks running great lines.

7. Heaslip – 6

Very quiet game by his high standards, Didn’t seem to get up to pace of the game. Replaced by Leamy after 69mins.

8. Wallace – 7

Showed great awareness when a penalty hit the upright, contributed well and created a couple of nice turnovers.

9. Reddan – Only lasted 38seconds, superb charge down and stopped the ball beautifully, with his face.

10. O’Gara – 6
Didn’t have his best day out, kicking from hand was lacking, worked the ball through the hands well on occasion to keep the back line moving. Very strange substitution on 50mins.

11. Earls – 8
Again, Ireland’s most creative player, gave a great performance in defense and attack, always looking for work.

12. D’arcy – 4
Was he even on the field in the first half? Had a couple of carries in the 2nd half, this was the only reason he didn’t have a negative rating.

13. O’Driscoll – 7
Defense as ever was superb, shot out of the line to thwart a Welsh attack when they had an overlap after 22mins.

14. Bowe – 7
Setup O’Driscolls try, had a very busy day, got through an amount of work.

15. Fitzgerald – 5
Took some big hits early on and never looked comfortable from then on. Thought he should have been subbed at halftime, instead played for 72mins!

16. Cronin – Only played 5 minutes but made two crucial throw-ins, looked less nervous than on previous appearances.

17. Court – Came on for Ross after 69mins, didn’t have much work to do in the line of scrums, but looked better in the loose than Ross.

18. Cullen – Only played 5 mins and won a crucial lineout.

19. Leamy – Replaced Heaslip and looked sharper than we have seen him in previous games, couple of smashing tackles.

20. Stringer – 6
Played the full game for the injured Reddan, crisp, fast passing kept the back line moving.

21. Sexton – 5
Brought on too early in my opinion, was involved in all that went wrong for Ireland, his sliced clearance led to the Welsh try, missed an easy penalty a few minutes later, looked like his confidence was rattled.

22. P.Wallace – Replaced Fitzgerald after 72mins, will only be remembered for a pass he never made in the dying moments.

Special Mention for Touch Judge Peter Allan who missed 4 separate infringements in one lineout which led to Wales’ second-half try.


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