ninetyninecall – Interview with Geordan Murphy

17 03 2011

14 years at Leicester Tigers, seven Premiership titles, two Heineken Cups and an Anglo-Welsh Cup win as well as 67 caps for Ireland and two Test appearances for the British & Irish Lions. Geordan Murphy took some time out to answer a few of our questions…

– How is the foot injury coming along?
“It’s coming on very well, saw a specialist the other day and he’s very happy with the way things are going. I’m still on crutches, I still have some plates and screws that have to be taken out in the first week of April, hopefully be back on my feet and train fully after that.

– The Tigers are riding high on top of the Premiership, a huge Heineken Cup Quarter Final in Dublin against Leinster coming up, how do you think that game will go?
“I think it’s going to be very difficult obviously, always a very difficult place to come and play. Leinster gave us a good beating the last time we were over, they are a very good side, providing most of the Irish team so it is gonna be really difficult for us. We have a couple of games in the Premiership to play before then and if we can come over with almost a full-strength team, we can give Leinster a good game.

– A lot of criticism levelled at the Irish coaching setup and players over the past year, do you see their change of game plan to a more running rugby game as being a positive coming into the World Cup?
“Yeah I think it was the way it was going to go, most teams are trying to hold onto the ball as much as possible, obviously there is still a place for a kicking game but most teams are trying to play more of an expansive game, hold onto the ball and create scores. I think Ireland have been forced to change.”

– You’ve had a difficult history with the World Cup, missing the 2003 competition due to a broken leg in a warm up game against Scotland and then getting minimal game time in 2007. Presumably you have a huge desire to get to New Zealand in September?
“That’s really my goal, It’s been difficult being injured, but I’m hoping to be able to get fit in time to challenge for a place. You have to appreciate that Ireland have a lot of talent at the back, and a lot of very very talented fullbacks so it’s going to be very difficult for me to secure a place in the squad, but that was my goal and that’s what I’m going to work towards over the next few months.”

– There has been a rumour circulating that there has been a chicken dish named after you in a restaurant in Leicester?
“Haha, well that’s actually mine and Castro’s (Castrogiovanni’s) place, we opened it together, so yeah there is a dish in there that has my name on it alright!”




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