Tuning in channels on Sky for Magners League rugby

4 08 2010

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Magners League 2010/11

The Magners League fixtures for 2010/11 have been announced and are available here.

It was announced in June that Setanta lost the TV rights to Magners League rugby to RTE, TG4, BBC Wales, S4C, BBC Alba and BBC Norther Ireland until the 2013/14 season. Almost all of the games will be broadcast by the above channels free-to-air, but they do require tuning into a Sky Satellite box, they do not appear by default. Please note there has not been a broadcaster announced as yet for the Italian team’s home games.

To add channels to your “Other Channels” option, do the following –
With your digibox turned on, press the “Services” button (near the top of the remote).

Select number 4 (System Setup), and then 4 again (“Add Channels”).

In the appropriate fields enter the following (you move through the fields using the up and down arrow keys).

In the Frequency field enter: 11.954
The next three fields are toggle fields, i.e. using the left and right arrows will change the value.
Toggle Polarisation to : H
Toggle Symbol Rate to: 27500
Toggle FEC to : 2/3

Then select the last button – Find Channels.

After a few seconds the channels should appear. Use the Yellow button to place a tick beside each one you wish to store and when you’ve finished ticking press “Select”. These channels will now be stored.
You can view them by pressing the “Services” button, then 7 “Other Channels” (Other Channels is option 9 on Sky+ and Sky+ HD), use the arrow keys to move to the channel you want and press “Select”.

Use the same process to add the rest of the channels required…

11954 H 27.5 2/3
BBC Alba

10803 H 22.0 5/6
BBC Two Northern Ireland
BBC Two Wales

S4C – Channel 134

A full list of channels that can be added can be found here




3 responses

4 08 2010

Good stuff Conor, useful list to have, I think BBC Alba is the only one I don’t have tuned in.

4 08 2010

I gotta say it was handy having all games on one channel, could record all the games in a weekend easily.
Probelm with Sky’s ‘Other Channels’ is that they cannot be recorded… ugh!

22 08 2010
Phil Tormey

Anyone with Sky freeview (free skycard – pay one fee of £25 and you have sky for free forever) gets BBC Alba and the BBC1 and BBC2 regional channels and S4C.

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