3 Reasons to beat France

12 02 2010

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Well, well, well, it seems the frogs have really been stirring it up this week, As if Ireland didn’t need enough motivation to beat them in Paris, both the French Rugby Union and the players have been throwing more petrol on the bonfire.

1. Gouging

Julien Dupuy - 'Gouger' in every sense of the word.

Earlier in the week the officials from The French Rugby Union and Rugby League met in Paris to discuss whether the 23-week ban that their scrum-half, Julien Dupuy, picked up for gouging Stephen Ferris during a Heineken cup game, should be applied to all competitions.

Stade Francais president Max Guazzini said he would do everything to dilute the ban.

“A private company based in Ireland (European Cup organisers European Rugby Cup) is preventing a salaried club member from working and playing (in France),” he said.

This shows complete arrogance of the French, thinking they can contest Dupuy’s over some legal loophole. The fact is, that on not one, but two occasions, Dupuy intentionally stuck his fingers in the eyes of another player.

2. Calling the Irish cheaters

Dupuy’s replacement in Saturday’s game is Morgan Parra. Mr Parra gave an interview during the week claiming that Declan Kidney’s side “cheat every weekend”. “They have a great defence. (They’re) cheating, but intelligently cheating. It’s very well done,” said Parra.
“If we did the same thing, we would be punished each time.”

“The Irish have a great team, with a Munster spine, but I am not impressed. We can be (impressed) by certain players but not in general by their team.”

Whilst I admire his comments highlighting the Munster “Spine”, the rest of his comments are pretty typical of the whining nature of the French.

It seems to me that every team who are successful get accused of cheating by the teams trailing them. Teams whinge about New Zealand playing offside, Richie McCaw in particular knows every trick in the book, You can complain about it until the cows come home, but until referee’s start punishing him, he has the uppper hand in a game. This upper hand, this edge can be the difference between winning and losing in a tight game.

Referee is always right – get on with the game. If you don’t like it don’t watch.

3. Hand of Henry

No comments needed for this one!

And they accuse us of cheating?

Just get on with the game France, quit your excuse making and play ball.




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